Global innovation with Sika

Since Sika was founded back in 1910, they’ve been renowned for creating innovative products. The visionary Kaspar Winkler started it all when he created the first mortar waterproofing agent for use on the Gotthard section of the Swiss Federal Railway. After the product was so successfully applied, Winkler took his innovation global and launched his subsidiaries all over the world.

Nowadays, Sika have an impressive product range, with each acting as an industry-leading solution to common construction problems. From admixtures which improve the durability of concrete to sealants which maintain the watertightness of glazing, Sika continue to develop products that improve the everyday functionality of their customers.


Which Sika products to use

Sika have long been considered industry leaders in protecting, bonding and sealing materials, and continue to expand their product ranges to cover a wide range of applications.

Sika Sealant Products

Sika sealant products are designed to adhere to a number of materials including concrete, wood, aluminium, steel, and PVC. Through innovation, Sika have been able to create a selection of sealants with specific industrial uses, from the SikaFlex Tank N with high chemical resistance to the Sikaflex PRO-3 SL which is self-levelling.

Sika Bonding products

Sika bonding products are capable of bonding two materials together with no mechanical fixing. In an industrial setting, this creates a more uniform distribution of stress, which decreases the likelihood of joint fracture. For quick and easy application, Sika have developed the Sikadur 32, which is a highly effective structural adhesive.

Sika Protective products

Sika protective products are used to extend the lifetime of industrial components. Without Sika industrial coating solutions and top coats, steel structures can experience problems relating to structural degradation, which could lead to decommissioning of the structure. By using a Sika protective product such as the SikaCor EG-1, industries can avoid costly repairs and replacements.


Bestselling Sika Products

Committed to providing customers with the best solutions available, Sika produce an unrivalled range of products to match all construction needs.

At SPC, we are an official Sika UK Dealer and have a broad range of Sika products available. A few of our bestselling Sika products include SikaGrout 111 for general purpose grouting, Sika MonoTop 412 N for concrete repair, and Sika Hyflex 250 Façade for sealing concrete.