Sika Foam

Find the perfect foam to match your construction needs – choose from our industry-leading range of fixing and insulating foams, expanding foams and fire resistant foams, for a quality solution with a number of applications.

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We have a number of Sika foams currently available in our range:

Sika Boom Foam Cleaner

SikaBoom-Cleaner is a highly active solvent-based aerosol cleaner of PU Foams. The safety level of this foam cleaner is excellent, as this mixture contains no substance considered to be persistent, bioaccumulating and toxic (PBT). This mixture also contains no substance considered to be very persistent or bioaccumulating

Sika Boom – S

Sika Boom – S is a one component, polyurethane based aerosol fixing and insulating foam for normal applications. Sika Boom S is designed for fixing, insulating and filling connection joints around windows and door frames, pipe entries, air-conditioning vents and electrical equipment. Sika Boom S allows insulation against noise, cold and draughts after a single application.

Sika Boom – GS

The big brother of the Sika Boom – S foam. This Sika foam is a one part, high yield polyurethane fixing foam that can be applied with the Sika Boom-G Dispenser gun.

Sika Boom N+

Sika Boom – N+ is a fire retardant foam that is tested to B2 DIN 4102-1. This classification means that when you ignite the foam with a flame for 15 seconds, the flame height will go no higher than 15cm from the bottom. When you take the flame away, the foam itself is self extinguishing.

Sika Boom – FR

Sika Boom – FR is a closed cell, polyurethane expanding foam designed to resist the spread of fire for up to 5 hours.