What is repair mortar?

Concrete structures are submitted to damage on a day-to-day basis. Whether it be from chemical exposure, thermal movement, or water infiltration, concrete can quickly deteriorate and require urgent repair. This is where repair mortars can be used to effectively restore damaged concrete.

Made by combining cement, sand, lime, and water, mortar is a workable paste which hardens to provide structural integrity. Where cracks and gaps occur, repair mortars can be used to reconstruct concrete surfaces to their original condition.

What are the different types of repair mortar?

There are two main types of repair mortar, each with its own uses and benefits.

  • Cementitious repair mortar – Cementitious repair mortar is most commonly used to restore structural blocks in walkways and walls. Whilst often more prone to damage than the surroundings bricks, cementitious mortar offers an affordable solution for touch-up repairs. For a cementitious repair mortar, we’d recommend Sika MonoTop 630.
  • Epoxy repair mortar – Epoxy repair mortar is often used to improve the strength and durability of damaged concrete. Fast curing and easy to layer, epoxy mortar is considered to be a more permanent repair solution for larger concrete structures. For an epoxy repair mortar, take a look at Sikadur-41 CF.

What are the benefits of repair mortar?

Activated by water, repair mortar is extremely quick and easy to prepare for application. And once applied, it can bring a whole host of structural benefits.

  • Restores structural integrity – Repair mortars can be used to restore structural integrity and improve the safety of a structure. An example of this would be using repair mortar to repoint a brick wall.
  • Restores appearance – Crumbling or cracked concrete can impact the overall appearance of a surface. Using repair mortar, the appearance of concrete can quickly be restored.
  • Restores durability – By replacing and repairing concrete defects, repair mortar can restore the durability of a structure and significantly extend its lifetime.

Is repair mortar waterproof?

Once dried, the majority of repair mortars are relatively unaffected by water, which means they can act as waterproofing solutions. However, if you want to make sure your structure is watertight, there are a number of repair mortars available that have been specifically designed with waterproofing properties.

One of our bestselling waterproof repair mortars is the Sikalastic 1K Flexible Waterproof Mortar. With water resistant additives, it can even be used in bathrooms and swimming pools.