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Sika ® CarboDur ® Composites System

Created specifically for strengthening purposes, Sika® CarboDur® Composites are high strength materials bonded with structural epoxy resins and adhesives. They are available in two forms - as factory pultruded plates and as woven fabrics. The Sika® CarboDur® plates are bonded on site with Sikadur® structural epoxy adhesives, while the SikaWrap® fabrics are laminated and bonded on site using Sikadur® structural epoxy resins.

Sika ® CarboDur ® Composites System Uses

The Sika ® CarboDur ® Composites System range can be used to satisfy a number of structural requirements as well as a variety of requirements under environmental influences. Structural requirements can vary from static and dynamic loading to creep, crack bridging and durability enhancements.

Meanwhile, environmental influences requirements include strengthening structures against the effect of external factors ranging from high or low temperatures, UV radiation, frost, freeze and thaw to moisture and corrosion.

Sika® CarboDur® Plates and Sikadur® Adhesives

The revolutionary Sika® CarboDur® Plates are factory prepared for use and come in a choice of modulus as well as a range of dimensions to allow for optimum design. The pultruded plates are very high strength and come with a range of defined performance properties, including a capacity to be prestressed, elevated temperature in service grade and low temperature application with heated plates.

SikaWrap® Fabrics and Sikadur® Adhesives

Sika®’s range of woven fabrics, meanwhile, offer great flexibility in addition to their high strength, allowing for greater ease when working on smaller details or strengthening circular and square sections. Available in a choice of carbon fibre, glass and hybrid fabrics, SikaWrap® provide exceptional impact and blast resistance, as well as unparalleled shear strengthening.

Sika® CarboDur® E

The Sika® CarboDur® E plates are another popular choice from the Sika® strengthening and bonding range. The innovative pultruded carbon fibre reinforced polymer (CFRP) laminates are designed specifically for strengthening concrete, timber, masonry, steel and fibre reinforced polymer structures. You can create externally bonded reinforcement using Sikadur®-30 epoxy resin-based adhesive, which will efficiently bond the Sika® CarboDur® E plates onto the structure.

Sika® CarboDur® E benefits

Produced using pultrusion, the Sika® CarboDur® E plates have smooth edges, without any exposed fibres, and can easily be transported in rolls. What’s more, the CFRP plates are extremely lightweight, which makes them ideal for overhead installation without temporary support. The laminates require minimum plate preparation, and are applicable in several layers.

Available in unlimited lengths, the Sika® CarboDur® E plates don’t require joints and offer very simple execution of plate intersections or crossings thanks to their low system thickness. Both non corroding and high strength, the CFRP plates provide excellent durability in all applications.

Sika® CarboDur® E uses

Designed to enhance the performance and resistance of structures, Sika® CarboDur® E is widely used by experienced professionals for a variety of treatments. The CFRP plates can be used to increase the load carrying capacity of floor slabs, beams and bridge sections, as well as to stabilise vibrating structures.

The Sika® CarboDur® E plates are also popular for repairing damage to structural elements caused by the deterioration of construction materials, corroding steel reinforcements or natural disasters. In fact, Sika®’s revolutionary CFRP plates are also great for increasing structural resistance to a range of possible events, including earthquakes, fires, explosion or impact.

Another common application of Sika® CarboDur® E is for changes in building use and alterations to the structural system, such as creating openings or freeing access to certain areas by removing wall sections, parts of the floor or even just columns. The laminates can also be used to repair any construction defects such as insufficient structural depth and inadequate reinforcement.

Plus, thanks to their wide range strengthening of properties, the Sika® CarboDur® E plates are a favourite for any construction work focused on the improvement of serviceability and durability. This includes boosting fatigue resistance, reducing the stress steel reinforcements are exposed to and reducing elements such as deflection and crack width.

Sika® CarboShear L

Designed for strengthening concrete structures in shear, the innovative Sika® CarboShear L carbon fibre shear links are corrosion resistant, and compatible with Sika® CarboDur® plates, which can be anchored at their ends.

Part of the Sika® CarboDur® CFRP Strengthening System, Sika® CarboShear L shear links work best when combined with other products from the range. You can use Sikadur®-30 epoxy resin-based adhesive for normal, or Sikadur®-30 LP epoxy resin-based adhesive for elevated temperatures to bond the shear links as external reinforcement. Sika AnchorFix®-3+, on the other hand, is perfect for if you’re fixing Sika® CarboShear L into the anchorage holes.

Sika® CarboShear L benefits

Sika® CarboShear L carbon fibre shear links are a tested anchorage system which offers very high strength and durability, as well as shear and bursting enhancement. Lightweight and low in overall thickness, the shear links can be easily transported and installed without the need for heavy handling and installation equipment.

Sika® CarboShear L require minimal preparation and can be easily overcoated, ensuring minimal aesthetic impact. The non-corroding shear links also offer well defined anchoring and outstanding fatigue resistance.

Sika® CarboShear L uses

Exclusively for professional use, Sika® CarboShear L is designed to help contractors improve, increase or repair the performance and shear resistance of structures. The Sika® shear links can be used to increase the load capacity of beams, help install heavier machinery or adapt buildings for changes in use.

What’s more, the Sika® CarboShear L carbon fibre shear links are a go-to choice for changes to the structural system of buildings, including the removal of columns, walls or floors. Plus, the shear links can be used to repair design or construction defects such as insufficient reinforcement and inadequate structural depth.

Sika® CarboShear L is also great for repairing damage to structural elements caused by deterioration of the original construction materials, steel reinforcement corrosion or accidents such as earthquakes, fire and even vehicle impact. Alternatively, you can use the shear links to improve the serviceability and durability of structures by reducing deflection, crack width and stress in the steel reinforcement, as well as improving fatigue resistance.

Sikadur® -31 CF Rapid

Based on a combination of epoxy resins and special fillers, Sikadur® -31 CF Rapid is a moisture tolerant adhesive and repair mortar designed for use at temperatures between +5°C and +20°C.

Sikadur® -31 CF Rapid benefits

Easy to mix and apply, Sikadur®-31 CF Rapid does not require a primer and is suitable for both dry and damp concrete surfaces. The revolutionary repair mortar hardens without shrinkage, remaining Impermeable to liquids and water vapour.

As a high strength adhesive, Sikadur®-31 CF Rapid offers very good adhesion to most construction materials, as well as high initial and ultimate mechanical strength. It’s also thixotropic, which means it’s non-sag in vertical and overhead applications. Plus, it provides good abrasion and chemical resistance.

Sikadur® -31 CF Rapid uses

Sikadur® -31 CF Rapid can be used by professionals as a structural adhesive and mortar for a range of substrates, including concrete, hard natural stone, ceramics and fibre cement, as well as mortar, bricks, masonry, steel, iron, aluminium and more. It can also serve as a repair mortar and adhesive for vertical and overhead use, corners and edges, as well as for filling holes and voids.