SikaSet 45 Repair Mortar 25kg

SikaSet 45 is a one component, ready to use (just add water) magnesia phohate based, rapid hardening and high early strength concrete repair.








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SikaSet 45 is a one-component, ready to use (just add water) magnesia phohate based, rapid hardening and high early strength concrete repair and ironwork bedding mortar.

Product description

SikaSet 45 Repair Mortar is trafficable in 45 minutes, making it suitable for bedding, installing street ironwork and bonding streetscape flags, blocks and kerbs. It’s also ideal for general repairs to concrete and stone substrates.

Product information

SikaSet 45 Repair Mortar is a blend of natural aggregates mixed with a magnesium phosphate cement system. The Repair Mortar is ideal for:

• Repairing horizontal concrete surfaces
• Industrial floors, roads, runways, bridge and car park decks
• Filling mortar for voids in concrete
• Bedding mortar
• Filling potholes in concrete pavements, kerbs, steps, etc.
• Bonding streetscape flags, blocks and kerbs.

Store in its original sealed packaging in dry conditions at temperatures between 5 and 35 degree Celsius.

Benefits of SikaSet 45 Repair Mortar

• Easy to use
• Rapid setting
• Trafficable within 45 minutes
• Un-primed adhesion
• Durable freeze-thaw resistance
• Shrinkage compensated mortar
• High strength
• Non-corrosive to steel.

How do you use SikaSet 45 Repair Mortar?

• Prepare the mixture using a forced action mixer, and mix the SikaSet 45 with water for at least three minutes until you get the desired consistency leaving no standing water

• Work the mixture into the prepared and pre-wetted substrate, using a gloved hand or trowel to fill all the voids

• It is recommended that a bonding bridge consisting of a slurry produced by adding a small amount of water to the mix and brushed into the substrate is used

• Apply the mortar wet on wet and compact well. Apply in layers so that you achieve the minimum thickness

• Repeat with a final layer and use a steel/wooden tamp or straight edge to level it

• Use a wood/plastic float or damp sponge to obtain the required surface texture.

How long does it take for SikaSet 45 Repair Mortar to set?

SikaSet 45 Repair Mortar should cure and set rapidly. However, in certain weather conditions, such as rain or windy conditions, make sure to cover the application using a hessian or polythene sheeting to help preserve it. It’s also ideal to use a sheet in cold weather too to maintain temperatures.









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