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Sika MonoTop 612 25kg

Sika MonoTop 612 25kg

Sika MonoTop-612 is a repair Micro-concrete suitable for a variety of structure types. It’s a low permeability cement-based, one component type of concrete which contains silica fume and polymer.







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Sika MonoTop 612


Sika MonoTop 612 is a repair Micro-concrete suitable for a variety of structure types. It’s a low permeability cement-based, one component type of concrete which contains silica fume and polymer. Sika MonoTop 612 is suitable for drinking water contact.



  • For repairing all types of structures
  • Suitable for application in Marine enviroments
  • Horizontal, vertical and overhead repairs
  • Hand applied repairs
  • Spray applied repairs
  • For exterior and interior use
  • In place of R1, R2 & R3 mortars



  • Pre bagged for quality
  • Compatible with Sika FerroGard corrosion inhibitors
  • Easy to mix and apply
  • Low shrinkage
  • Good mechanical properties
  • Adjustable consistency
  • Suitable for drinking water contact

Best uses for Sika MonoTop 612

Sika MonoTop-612 can be used for repairing all types of structures. It’s suitable for both hand applied repairs and spray applied repairs. Sika MonoTop612 can be used both internally and externally for horizontal, vertical and overhead repairs. It can also be applied in place of R1, R2 & R3 mortars.

Characteristics & Advantages of Sika MonoTop 612

Pre-bagged for quality, Sika MonoTop-612 has adjustable consistency and low shrinkage, which makes it is easy to mix and apply. This micro-concrete boasts good mechanical properties and meets the requirements for contact with drinking water.

Sika MonoTop 612 is compatible with Sika FerroGard corrosion inhibitors, which are also featured in our Concrete Repair & Protection range.

When stored correctly, Sika MonoTop612 can last up to 6 months from its production date. You can optimise the shelf-life of the product by ensuring the packaging remains unopened, sealed and undamaged and storing in cool, dry conditions.

Sika MonoTop 612 Mixing Time

If used in small quantities, Sika MonoTop-612 can be mixed by hand. For larger quantities, use a suitable mixing container to slowly stir in the powder into the allocated amount of water with a slow speed (< 500 rpm) electric drill mixer. To reach the required consistency, mix thoroughly for at least 3 minutes.

Sika MonoTop 612 Substrate Quality

For optimal results when applying Sika MonoTop612, make sure to remove any materials which can reduce bond or prevent suction or wetting by repair materials. Clean concrete from dust and debris thoroughly to avoid surface contamination.

Application Method & Tools of Sika MonoTop 612

The application method for Sika MonoTop612 varies depending on whether you are applying the concrete by hand or using a spray gun.

For hand application, work the repair mortar into a pre-wetted substrate between the minimum and maximum layer thicknesses. Use a trowel or gloved hand to compact the product, taking care to avoid the formation of air pockets.

For a sprayed application, place the repair mortar onto a pre-wetted substrate (between the minimum and maximum layer thicknesses), making sure to avoid void formation and loose rebound material.

If you are building up layers as a way to prevent slumping, allow each layer to stiffen before applying the next one. For both application methods, layers are applied “wet on wet” – if it’s been over 24 hours between layers, use a bonding primer such as Sika MonoTop-610 or SikaTop Armatec-110 EpoCem so you can apply the repair mortar “wet on wet”.

Whether you are using hand or spray application, make sure to finish to the required surface texture as soon as mortar begins to stiffen.

Sika MonoTop 612 Curing Treatment

To ensure the cement is fully hydrated and minimise cracking, cure the repair mortar immediately after application for a minimum of 3 days. Tape down polythene sheeting at the edges, or use an alternative approved method. If you are considering using curing compounds, first make sure they won’t adversely affect any products and systems applied subsequently.

Limitations of Sika MonoTop 612

Avoid applying Sika MonoTop-612 in direct sunlight, strong wind and/or rain, and protect freshly applied material from freezing. Make sure to only apply to sound, prepared substrates, and take care not to add water over recommended dosage.

We also advise against adding extra amounts of water when finishing the surface, as this can cause discoloration and cracking.







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