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Sika MonoTop 610 is a one component cementitious, polymer modified primer for reinforcement protection and also a bonding bridge for MonoTop concrete repair mortars.






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Sika MonoTop 610

One of the favourites in our Concrete Repair and Protection range, Sika MonoTop 610 provides reinforcement protection and a bonding bridge for MonoTop concrete repair mortars.

As a one component cementitious, polymer modified primer, Sika MonoTop 610 just needs to be mixed with water for excellent performance. Its active corrosion inhibitors provide added protection, while the adjustable consistency means Sika MonoTop 610 can be applied using wet spray method.


Best uses for Sika MonoTop 610

The most common use of the Sika Mono Top-610 is bonding MonoTop concrete repair mortars to existing cementitious or steel substrates. However, it can also be used in areas of low concrete cover or in the presence of chlorides to provide additional corrosion protection MonoTop concrete repair mortar reinforcements.

Suitable for drinking water contact – The product is also approved for contact with drinking water as part of a system.

Sika MonoTop 610 can be applied in depths from 0.5 – 1mm. When used as a reinforcement coating, it achieves 2kg/m2 coat, while as a bonding primer it can achieve between 1.5 and 2kg per square metre.

If stored correctly, Sika MonoTop610 has a shelf-life of 12 months from the date of production. Make sure to keep the primer unopened in its original sealed and undamaged packaging in dry and cool conditions to optimise its shelf-life.

Sika MonoTop610 Mixing Time

To mix Sika MonoTop-610, pour the water in the correct proportion into a suitable mixing container, then add the powder to the water while stirring slowly. For the required consistency, mix thoroughly for at least 3 minutes. You can also use a slow speed (< 500 rpm) electric drill mixer to mix the primer.

Application Method & Tools of Sika MonoTop610

There are a couple of things to consider during the application of Sika MonoTop 610:

Sika MonoTop-610 Substrate Quality

Prior to applying the primer, make sure to clean the substrate from any materials which can reduce the bond or prevent suction or wetting by repair materials. Ensure concrete is free from dust, loose material and surface contamination.

If you are using Sika MonoTop 610 for steel reinforcement, in addition to dust and other deleterious materials, you should check that the substrate is clear of rust, scale, mortar and concrete.

Sika MonoTop 610 – Application Method

The application methods vary slightly depending on whether you are using the Sika MonoTop 610 mainly as Reinforcement Corrosion Protection or as a Bonding Primer/Bridge.

In the first case, use a medium hard brush or spray gun to apply a 1mm layer to a cleaned reinforcement, following up with a second layer when the first coat is fingernail hard (~2 – 3 hours at +20°C). If the second coat dries before you’ve applied the repair mortar, you will need to apply a fresh coat.

To achieve good bond when using Sika MonoTop 610 as a bridge, apply the bonding primer well into the substrate, filling all pores. Provided that your substrate is prepared, you can do this using a medium hard brush or spray gun.

Limitations of Sika MonoTop 610

Avoid applying Sika MonoTop 610 in direct sun, strong wind and/or rain, and protect freshly applied material from freezing. Make sure to only apply to sound, prepared substrates, and take care not to add water over recommended dosage.

If you are applying the bonding primer application as a second coat of reinforcement coating, ensure its continuous application behind the reinforcement bars. The “grab” properties of the Sika MonoTop 610 will be reduced if it dries out before the repair mortar application, so you should repeat application if necessary when using it as a bonding primer.

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