Parex Epoxy Thixotropoic Crack Bonder

3-component thixotropix epoxy injection adhesive




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£79.95 £95.94 inc VAT

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Parex Epoxy Thixotropoic Crack Bonder


Parex Epoxy Thixotropic Crack Bonder (ETCB) is a three part epoxy resin system consisting of a thixotropised epoxy resin base, a low viscosity hardener and a synergistic blend of fillers. ETCB may be placed using a Tecgrip Gun and Tecgrip Cartridge or may be injected using a suitable hand pump.

Filling of gap dimensions 1mm to 40mm may be achieved without the use of grout tight shuttering. The three part system gives rapid strength gain obtaining mechanical properties several times those of high quality concrete. The product is non shrink enabling complete fill of the void. The cured product is resistant to most chemicals, stable to sea water, petroleum products and resists freeze thaw cycles.

Uses include:

Filling and bonding of crack concrete and brick work.

Specification Outline

Grouting and filling shall be carried out using ETCB as manufactured by Parex Ltd.
The product shall be stored, handled and used strictly in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions.

Quality Assurance

Parex Ltd is a firm of Assessed Capability. The Company’s quality system and is conforms to assessed by  BS EN ISO 9001:2008 UK CARES LTD.


Instructions For Use


Ensure that crack surfaces are free from dust and oily contamination. Small gaps may be blown out using clean dry compressed air. Steel should be free of rust and flaking mill scale. All work surfaces must be essentially dry.



Pour all of the hardener from the small bottle into the base container that has sufficient volume to act as the mixing vessel. Thoroughly mix the two components until a homogenous thixotropic product is achieved. For gaps up to 10mm add one bag of filler in two portions. For larger diameter voids use both filler bags, adding each one in two portions. In all cases mix until a uniform consistency is obtained.


Pierce the metal film inside the Tecgrip Cartridge and insert the mixed ETCB. After cutting off the nozzle the cartridges may be fitted to a Tecgrip Gun and are ready for use. Place the mixed product within the useable time as given in Useable Time data. Equipment should be cleaned with Solvent prior to product hardening.



No special curing practice is required

Typical Grout Properties @ 20°C Useable Times After Mixing

Company’s quality BS EN ISO 9001:2008 UK CARES LTD.


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