Parex E33 Epoxy Grout

3-component, high performance, high flow grout for application thicknesses of 10-50mm

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Parex E33 Epoxy Grout

Parex E33 Epoxy Grout is an epoxy resin based grout with high flow properties capable of placing in gaps down to 10mm. The epoxy resin formulation enables E33 Epoxy Grout to be used in the most demanding situations giving exceptional mechanical strength. The volume stable mix design ensures complete fill of the grouted area and contact with the work piece.

The three-part formulation gives good chemical resistance to most chemicals. Stable to seawater, petroleum products, resists freeze thaw cycles. For cold weather working E33 Winter Additive will improve low temperature strength development.

Uses include:

  • Machinery base plates.
  • Crane rail tracks.
  • Bridge Bearings.
  • Compressors and pumps.
  • Reciprocating machinery.
  • High impact loads.


Flow Properties:

Result from 50mm concentric ring test = 200mm Flow result of 50mm represents nil flow.


Parex E33 Epoxy Grout has been tested to the relevant parts of BS 6319.


Specification Outline

Grouting shall be carried out using E33 Epoxy Grout as manufactured by Parex Ltd. The product must be stored, handled and used strictly in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions.

Quality Assurance

Parex Limited has an integrated business management system. This is externally accredited by UK CARES to BS EN ISO 9001:2015, BS EN ISO 14001:2015, BS ISO 45001:2018 and BES 6001.

Instructions For Use


Remove laitance and all loose material including dust, oil and grease to achieve a sound substrate. Steel surfaces should be free of mill scale and rust. Surfaces to be grouted should be free of standing water and in a surface dry condition. Formwork must be designed with sufficient hydrostatic head to ensure grout flow into and across the grouting area and should be made grout tight. Apply a silicone based release agent to the formwork surfaces which will affect release after grout has hardened. Alternatively use thick polythene sheet firmly fixed to the formwork


Mixing of Parex E33 Epoxy Grout should be carried out with full packs only. Pour all of the resin and hardener into a clean mixing vessel. Mix with a slow speed drill (200-300rpm) and Mortar Stirrer (MR4) until homogeneous. Slowly add the filler to the mixed resin and hardener. When all the filler has been added, mix for a further two minutes until an even colour is achieved. Try and ensure that air entrainment is kept to a minimum by keeping the mixing head below the surface level of the grout at all times. Larger volumes may be mixed using a forced action mixer such as the Creteangle or the Pennine.

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