Parex Epoxy Mortar E Fine Grade

3-Component, epoxy repair mortar for thicknesses from 20mm - a feather edge




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Parex Epoxy Mortar E Fine Grade


Parex Epoxy Mortar E Fine Grade is an epoxy resin based mortar suitable for placing using hand tools. The product consists of a resin base, a hardener and a bag of specially graded fillers. The grading of the filling system enables application thicknesses of 20mm down to a featheredge.

The working surface requires to be primed using Bondcoat UF giving excellent adhesion to most construction materials. Parex Epoxy Mortar E Fine Grade is easy to place using hand tools giving concrete repairs of the highest mechanical properties. The mortar can be used to give support to concrete arises and will act as a high strength support under steel units. Parex Epoxy Mortar E Fine Grade is resistant to a wide range of chemicals including petroleum products. The mortar is stable to freezing and thawing.

Uses include:

  • Repairs to concrete beams, columns, floors and walls.
  • Support of precast concrete and steel units
  • Placed support for stanchion bases
  • Placed support for bridge bearings


Parex Epoxy Mortar E Fine Grade has been tested in accordance with the appropriate parts of BS 6319.

Specification Outline

Patching, repairs and support shall be carried out using Epoxy Mortar E Fine Grade as manufactured by Parex Ltd. The product must be stored, handled and used strictly in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions.

Quality Assurance

Parex Limited has an integrated business management system. This is externally accredited by UK CARES to BS EN ISO 9001:2015, BS EN ISO 14001:2015, BS ISO 45001:2018 and BES 6001.

Instructions For Use


Remove all loose material, plaster, paint and oily deposits to produce a sound clean surface. Roughen smooth concrete to give a good mechanical key.

Expose reinforcing steel to two thirds of its circumference in a sound concrete background. Totally expose steel in areas where concrete repairs are deeper than the steel embedment depth. Clean back corroded reinforcing steel to bright metal. Protect cleaned steel with Steel Primer.


Using Bondcoat UF, pour all of the contents of the hardener bottle into the resin tub and mix thoroughly until homogeneous. Apply a thin continuous coat of mixed primer to the work area using a stiff bristle bush.

Place the mixed Parex Epoxy Mortar E Fine Grade within 30 minutes of priming. If primer is absorbed by a porous substrate, re- prime before applying mortar. For further information and sales please contact your local Parex Office as listed below.


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