Parex Epoxy 200 Grout

3-component, high performance, high flow grout for application thicknesses of 2-12mm


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£45.95 £55.14 inc VAT

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Parex Epoxy 200 Grout

Parex Epoxy 200 Grout is an epoxy resin based anchor grout with high flow properties capable of placing in annular gaps 2 mm to 12 mm. Adhesion gained from the epoxy resin enables fixings into smooth walled holes such as diamond cored bores.

The three part formulation gives good chemical resistance to most chemicals. Stable to seawater, petroleum products, resists freeze thaw cycles.

Uses include:

  • Base plates
  • Rail tracks
  • Starter bars and dowels Safety fences and balustrades
  • Reciprocating machinery
  • High impact loads


Instructions For Use


Holes should be drilled using rotary percussive drills with air or water flush. Diamond drilled holes may be roughened or under-reamed for extra anchorage values. Holes drilled with non-flushing tools should be cleaned using a steel rotary brush. Debris should be blown out of the hole using compressed air through an extension tube reaching the bottom of the hole. Cast holes should taper so that the hole diameter is smaller at the mouth than the bottom.


Pour contents of hardener bottle into plastic tub containing base resin. Mix until homogeneous. Slowly add the filler, continue to mix until smooth grout has been obtained. Only use complete packs.


For holes angled below the horizontal to vertically downwards, pour mixed grout into prepared holes rodding if necessary to ensure grout flows to the bottom of the hole. Insert bar into hole and gently twist and press home to the required depth.

Parex Epoxy 200 Grout may be placed at temperatures between 5°C and 45°C. For placing outside this range contact the Technical Service Department.


No special curing is required. Fixings should be left undisturbed until grout has hardened. Tools should be cleaned with solvent prior to grout setting.

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