Parex Epoxy Adhesive 305

Parex Epoxy Adhesive 305 is a 3-component epoxy adhesive for temperature +5℃ and 45℃. Special high strength adhesive for a broad range of bonding applications in the construction and civil engineering sectors.




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Parex Epoxy Adhesive 305

Parex Epoxy Adhesive 305 is an epoxy resin-based compound suitable for placing using hand tools or by means of a hand held applicator gun. The three-pack product consists of resin in a mixing tub, a bottle of hardener and a bag of specially graded fillers.

Parex Epoxy Adhesive 305 is used for jointing concrete, brickwork, masonry, elastomeric bearings, timber, ceramic tiles, aluminium and steel. Typical uses include bonding of precast units, placing of elastomeric bridge bearings, bonding horizontal fixings and setting frames in precast concrete units.

The mixed material may be used as an epoxy resin anchor for fixings placed in horizontal holes and “gunned” into narrow gaps such as setting security doors or window frames.

For site use only hand mixing is required, the applied product is self priming giving excellent adhesion to most construction materials. Formed joints are volume stable producing stress free adhesion.

The cured material is resistant to sea water, most chemicals including acids, alkalis, petroleum products and is freeze-thaw stable.


Uses Include:

  • Bonding of precast units.
  • Placing of elastomeric bridge bearings.
  • Bonding horizontal fixings.
  • Setting frames in precast concrete units.



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