48 colours

Parex Monorex GF

A one-coat or top coat finish, through coloured, weather resistant and breathable decorative render available in 48 standard colours




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Parex Monrex GF

A one-coat, breathable, weather resistant and breathable decorating render for masonry and concrete walls. Available in 48 standard colours (special colours to order), the render provides an excellent finish and good surface hardening.

Parex Monorex GF is suitable for machine spraying or hand application and can be finished in a range of styles from smooth sponged or float fine down finish, fine scraped, light tyrolean to heavy roughcast textured finishes.

Parex Monorex GF is suitable for rendering onto a range of masonry substrates;

Please note: Blocks with a close texture, generally classed as paint grade blocks, should not be rendered without an application of the substrate porosity regulator MICRO GOBETIS 3000.

Suitable for

Masonry and walls conforming to BS 5628-3 and constructed from the following:

  • Ultra-lightweight, lightweight & dense aggregate concrete blocks(1). n Bricks.
  • Clay blocks e.g. Porotherm(1)
  • Standard low and normal density lightweight aircrete concrete blocks.
  • Breeze blocks (clinker).
  • Stone/rubble stone.
  • Shuttered concrete(1).
  • Expanded clay insulation blocks(1).
  • Clean, sound, well adhered existing render. n Base coats conforming to BS EN 13914-1 n PAREX grey weather resistant base coats, e.g. MONOGRIS E, PARMUREX or TRADIREX.
  • Dry-stacked inter-locking modular wall units e.g. Durisol recycled timber blocks. Consult manufacturer’s data sheets. Durisol with Monorex GM is NHBC approved for single skin external wall construction.
  • For below dpc applications and old substrates in accordance with BS8000 – 4 Code of Practice for Waterproofing, consult Parex. (1) These substrates will require a suction control coat of MICRO GOBETIS 3000.

Unsuitable for

  • Weak mortar or plaster (Gypsum) coated constructions.
  • Exposed vertical substrates with a backward incline above 10° – a backward incline may affect water run off and may have a tendency to hold moisture.
  • Painted substrates – Unless treated with PARINTER. Contact Parex.


  • Fine Scraped
  • Sponge or Float Smoothed*
  • Trowel Smoothed*
  • Spray Textured – from tyrolean style to heavy roughcast effect.

For additional information refer to the data sheet on Textured Mineral Finishes.

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B10 - Moonscape, B20 - Sky Blue, B30 - Azure Blue, BL10 - Bright White, G00 - Natural White, G10 - White Light, G20 - Off-White, G30 - Mouse Grey, G40 - Smokey Grey, G50 - Ash Grey, J10 - Orange Yellow, J20 - Pale Yellow, J30 - Opal, J39 - Athens Sand, J40 - Sand Yellow, J50 - Straw Yellow, J60- Pollen Yellow, J70 - Yellow Ochre, O10 - Sand, O20 - Orange, O30 - Orange Beige, O40 - Pale Pinky Beige, O50 - Pinky Beige, O60 - Pinky Orange, O70 - Light Ochre, O80 - Orange Earth, O90 - Natural Brick, R10 - Pearly Pink, R20 - Sand Pink, R30 - Violet Pink, R40 - Petal Pink, R50 - Old Rose, R60 - Strong Pink, R70 - Brick, R80 - Sienna, R90 - Brick Red, T10 - Silky Grey, T20 - Light Sand, T30 - Clay Earth, T40 - Orange Sand, T50 - Sandy Earth, T60 - Soft Earth, T70 - Beige Earth, T80 - Beige, T90 - Pink Earth, V10 - Stone, V20 - Astral Green, V30 - Pale Green, V40 - Emerald Green

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