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SikaMur Injectocream-100 300ml

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SikaMur® InjectoCream-100 is a new concept for the control of rising damp. SikaMur® InjectoCream-100 is a water repellent cream, packed in a 600 ml sausage or 300 ml cartridge. It is inserted into a series of holes drilled into a mortar course of the masonry by means of a simple application gun - no special injection pump required. Once injected into the mortar course,
SikaMur® InjectoCream-100 will diffuse within the damp wall to form a Damp Proof Course (DPC), will allow the wall to dry and block future rising damp. SikaMur® InjectoCream-100 complies with the requirements of WTA Guideline 4-4-04/D “Injection of masonry in order to avoid capillary moisture content”.