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Sikagard-850 AG 25kg Anti Graffiti Anti Fly Poster

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Sikagard-850 AG is a permanent anti-graffiti and anti fly poster coating for concrete protection, which is also suitable for other substrates such as wood, masonry and metal. It provides a clear wet-look surface that also brightens and enhances the colour of the substrate. Based on polyorganosiloxanes, Sikagard-850 AG provides excellent performance against exterior elements such as rain, sun and temperature extremes.


Best uses for Sikagard-850 AG

Sikagard 850 AG is commonly used as permanent anti-graffiti and anti-fly poster coating. It’s typically applied to substrates such as fair faced concrete, coated concrete, masonry, coated and uncoated metallic surfaces, and all types of wooden surfaces, as well as mineral substrates previously treated with hydrophobic impregnation.

You don’t need to apply a refreshing coat after cleaning a surface which has been treated with Sikagard 850AG.

Characteristics & Advantages of Sikagard-850 AG

Sikagard-850 AG offers very good resistance against weathering, ageing and UV light, as well as excellent gloss retention and colour enhancement which helps maintain a wet look. The coating keeps flyposters from being stuck onto the treated concrete and allows for repeated graffiti removal without damaging the protection

No chemical agent is required for cleaning graffiti from surfaces treated with Sikagard 850 AG – between 80 and 100 bars of cold water pressure are sufficient. Alternatively, you can remove the graffiti using a simple hose and a suitable absorbent clean cloth or stiff brush to rub down the wall.

Sikagard 850AG is water vapour permeable, doesn’t pick up dirt and has low water absorption. Provided it’s stored correctly in its original packaging, the coating has a shelf life of 12 months from the date of production.

Sikagard-850 AG Application Instructions

When applying Sikagard 850 AG, consider the following:

Sikagard 850AG Substrate Quality

If the substrate you are applying Sikagard-850 AG to doesn’t have an existing treatment, make sure it’s dry, sound and free from loose and friable particles prior to application.

We recommend steam cleaning, high pressure water jetting or blast cleaning as suitable preparation methods. If you are applying Sikagard 850 AG to a metallic surface, make sure it’s also been de-rusted and de-greased properly before you begin.

Making sure the surface is smooth helps produce a uniform and sufficiently heavy coating film thickness, which in turn guarantees optimal protection. We advise using a suitable Sika mortar for surface levelling.

Stone surfaces which have been previously treated with hydrophobic impregnation do not need specific treatment prior to the application of the anti-graffiti coating. However, if the surface (mineral or metallic) has been coated with organic paint or coating, we recommend testing it before applying Sikagard 850AG, as further treatment might be necessary.  

Sikagard-850 AG Curing Treatment

Sikagard 850 AG does not require any special curing. However, you should take care to protect the coating from rain for at least 4 hours at +20°C.

Limitations of Sikagard-850 AG

Sikagard 850 AG requires mandatory personal protective equipment, as it’s intended for industrial and commercial applications.

Sikagard 850AG can be thinned to the desired application viscosity with white spirit. We advise against using other solvents as a thinner.

Sikagard-850 AG is not suitable for aerosol based applications. Individuals associated with such improper use of Sikagard 850 AG are subject to extremely serious health risks as a result of the free aerosol vapour droplets dispersed in the air.

Containers, once opened, should be used until empty. Any Sikagard 850AG remaining in the container a few days after opening will continue to cure and thicken (as it’s been already exposed to the air), resulting in surface skinning and increased viscosity. If you need to use the remaining product, remove the surface skin and stir thoroughly.