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Sikagard ElastoColor 675 W 15L

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Sikagard-675 W GB ElastoColor is a water dispersed coating designed for the protection and enhancement of fair-faced concrete. This styrene acrylate, dispersion-based, one part, plasto-elastic coating can be applied over existing coatings or directly onto concrete surfaces.


Best uses for Sikagard ElastoColor 675 W

One of the best-sellers in our range of concrete protection products, Sikagard-675 W GB ElastoColor is commonly used for protection and enhancement of concrete structures (normal and lightweight concrete). It’s also suitable for additional applications such as protection against ingress, moisture control and increasing the resistivity.

Characteristics & Advantages of Sikagard ElastoColor 675 W

Sikagard 675W GB ElastoColor is easy to apply and offers high covering power (good opacity). It’s also water vapour permeable, environmentally friendly (solvent free) with low odour. In addition to preventing water ingress, Sikagard 675 W GB ElastoColor boasts great resistance against weathering and ageing, as well as high diffusion resistance to CO2 (carbon dioxide).

When stored in cool, dry conditions away from direct sunlight and frost, sealed Sikagard-675 W GB ElastoColor has as shelf-life of up to 12 months from its production date.

Sikagard ElastoColor 675 W - Application Method & Tools

Sikagard 675W GB ElastoColor can be applied by brush, roller or airless spray. If you opt for brush, avoid using sweeping brushes – instead, always use a soft, wide nylon or bristle brush. For roller application, we recommend using a heavy nap 2 to 2.5 cm (3/4” or 1”) synthetic cover.

Sikagard-675 W GB ElastoColor is supplied ready for use. Do not thin the coating unless you are using the first coat as a primer. In these instances, add up to 15% of water and mix thoroughly. Make sure to stir un-thinned material thoroughly with an electric drill & spiral mixer prior to application.

We recommend cleaning all tools and application equipment with water immediately after use. If the material is left to harden/cure, use cellulose thinners, xylene or toluene to remove it. For Sikagard-551 S Elastic Primer use Sika Thinner C.

Limitations of Sikagard ElastoColor 675 W

Keep in mind that while the Sikagard-675 W GB ElastoColor system is resistant to aggressive atmospheric influences, you should not apply the coating in the event of expected rain, in relative humidity higher that 80% or in temperatures below +8°C and/or below dew point. We also advise against applying on concrete younger than 28 days and protecting the coating from rain for at least 3 hours at +20°C.

Dark colour shades (especially black, dark red and blue, etc.) may fade more rapidly than other lighter tone colours. A refreshing coat might be required at earlier interval than usual. Before applying a refreshing coat, ensure the entire surface is fully dried, as you run the risk of crazing if you overcoat surfaces that are semi-cured or apply excessively thick material.

Sikagard 675W GB ElastoColor’s gloss is influenced by humidity, temperature and absorbency of the substrate. If you asses and treat cracks incorrectly, this may lead to a reduced service life and reflective cracking on the coating surface.