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Sikagard-550 W Elastic 15L White

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Sikagard®-550 W Elastic is a plasto-elastic coating with excellent crack-bridging properties even at temperatures below 0°C. This one-component concrete coating from our Concrete Repair & Protection range is based on UV-curing acrylic dispersion and suitable for protection against ingress, moisture control and increasing resistivity.


Best uses for Sikagard-550 W Elastic

Sikagard 550 W Elastic is commonly used for protection and enhancement of concrete structures (both normal and lightweight concrete). It’s especially effective on exposed outdoor concrete surfaces with a risk of cracking.

As an elastic protective coating, Sikagard 550W Elastic can also be used on Sika smoothing mortar (view product data sheet), fibre cement and overcoating of existing soundly adhering coatings during concrete repair works.

Characteristics & Advantages of Sikagard-550 W Elastic

Sikagard 550 W Elastic is great for bridging cracks even at low temperatures (-20°C). It offers high diffusion resistance against CO2, reducing the rate of carbonation, and very good resistance against weathering and ageing.

Sikagard 550W Elastic is also water vapour permeable, environmentally friendly (solvent free) and has a reduced tendency to pick up dirt or other contamination. When stored away from direct sunlight and frost, unopened Sikagard-550 W Elastic has a 12 month shelf life of from its date of production.

Application Method & Tools of Sikagard-550 W Elastic

All the Sikagard 550 W Elastic materials are supplied ready for use, just make sure to stir thoroughly prior to application. If you’re using the coating on a very dense substrate, add up to 10% Sika Thinner C to the Sikagard -551 S Elastic Primer. Using a brush, a roller or airless spray, apply Sikagard 551 S Elastic Primer or Sikagard 552W Aquaprimer evenly onto the substrate.

Clean all tools and application equipment with clean water immediately after use to keep the material from hardening on them. Once the material has cured, you can only remove it mechanically.

Limitations of Sikagard-550 W Elastic

Keep in mind that while the Sikagard-550 W Elastic system is resistant to aggressive atmospheric influences, you should not apply the coating in the event of expected rain, in relative humidity higher that 80% or in temperatures below +8°C and/or below dew point. We also advise against applying on concrete younger than 28 days.

Dark colour shades (especially black, dark red and blue, etc.) may fade more rapidly than other lighter tone colours. A refreshing coat might be required at earlier interval than usual.