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Sika Setting Sand is a moisture curing jointing material suitable to use for all types of paving with joint width of 2mm and over.






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Product description

Sika Setting Sand is moisture, curing jointing material that gives perfect pointing for all types of block paving. Faster than traditional methods, Sika Setting Sand can be simply poured or swept into joints before being saturated with water. The drying time takes 1-2 days, although the time depends on the temperature. Once cured, it will not wash out, shrink or crack over time.

Product information

Sika Setting Sand is suitable for a range of paving types and structures and can be used in areas with light vehicular traffic, including:

• Footpaths
• Outdoor patio areas
• Driveways
• Pedestrian areas
• Indoor stone floor.

Sika Setting Sand should be stored in a cool, dry place between 5 and 25 degree Celsius. Do not store in direct sunlight.

Benefits of Sika Setting Sand

• Hard setting
• Easy to use
• High durability
• Won’t crack, shrink or wash out
• Weathers naturally in line with the paving
• Resists weeds and insects
• Suitable for all paving types
• Exterior and indoor use.

What is Sika Setting Sand?

Sika Setting Sand is a moisture curing jointing material that’s suitable for curing joints in all types of block paving. The joints must be 2-5mm in width.

How do you use setting sand?

Before you apply Sika Setting Sand, ensure that the paving to be jointed is dry and free from loose dirt, debris, etc. The joint width should be a minimum of 2mm and a maximum of 5mm wide with a minimum depth of 25mm. Sika Setting Sand should be applied to the entire joint depth. It is recommended to carry out a small trial before applying to the entire area.

When applying Sika Setting Sand, it’s important to re-mix the dry material before use and discard any small lumps. Use in small, manageable amounts and avoid spreading over large areas. Once applied, sweep the material into the joints to make sure each joint is filled. If it’s due to rain prior to setting, protect the surface to ensure a smooth finish. Finally, sweep any excess material before it sets and ensure joints are all fully saturated with water. Rinse any excess material from the surface.

You can walk over the area after activation, but ideally, it should be left to dry first. The setting takes 1-2 days depending on the temperature.

Can you use a jointing compound on block paving?

Yes, Sika Setting Sand is suitable to use on all paving types. It can be poured or swept into joints before being saturated with water to give the perfect pointing for all types of block paving.







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