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Sika Margel VPI 580 10ml Cartridge

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Sika Margel VPI 580 (10ml) Cartridge is a patented vapour phase corrosion inhibitor. It's used inside concrete structural elements as a protective layer around reinforcing steel to reduce its exposure to chlorides, water and oxygen and prevent corrosion.


Best uses for Sika Margel VPI 580

Sika Margel VPI-580 is usually applied on reinforced concrete deteriorating from corrosion, as well as areas where coatings have been applied and surface applied corrosion inhibitors cannot penetrate.

In addition to providing reinforcement protection at greater depths than surface applied corrosion inhibitors can penetrate, Sika Margel VPI580 can be used on chloride contaminated concrete and carbonated concrete. This type of corrosion inhibitor is commonly applied in historic structures, car parks and bridge decks.

Characteristics & Advantages of Sika Margel VPI 580

Sika Margel VPI-580 is a proven technology with 25 year track record. It offers focused protection in areas where actual and potential corrosion risks are high. Sika Margel VPI580 is a low cost method of reducing concrete breakout by protecting chloride contaminated areas of reinforcement and areas contained in carbonated sound concrete.

Sika Margel VPI 580 is very user friendly and low maintenance – its installation is quick and easy, and it requires no external power source or system monitoring. This incredibly versatile corrosion inhibitor is also highly effective in chloride-contaminated and carbonated concrete.

Long lasting both in storage and post-application, Sika Margel VPI-580 has a shelf life of 24 months from date of production if stored properly in temperatures between +5°C to +40°C, and a service life of 10 to 20 years which reduces the need for future repairs. In can also be in conjunction with Sika FerroGard, Sika Galvashield, Sika Ebonex & Sikagard coating technologies for a full Concrete Repair & Protection system.

Limitations of Sika Margel VPI-580

When applying Sika Margel VPI580, we advise you use immediately after opening the pack, avoiding skin contact and vapour inhalation. Ensure the backing rod is tightly compressed into the hole and in contact with the cartridge to avoid vapour leakage, possible staining of coatings and reducing inhibitor effectiveness. Once opened, do not leave Sika Margel VPI 580 in unsealed packs or discard it into water systems or water courses.