Parex SettPoint

1-component, cementitious free flowing jointing mortar of traditional setts and cobbles




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Parex SettPoint


Parex SettPoint is ideal for traditional natural stone setts requiring an aesthetically pleasing wide joint. Parex SettPoint provides a free-flowing solution, which can be poured into gaps to provide a high strength, durable finish.

The BS7533-compliant grout-based SettPoint formulation is self-smoothing, exceptionally strong and contains a special expansion agent to compensate for shrinkage to ensure that finished joints will not shrink or crack.

SettPoint achieves high early strength, typically 30 N/m2 after 24 hours and 50 N/m2 after 7 days, making it suitable for areas subject to vehicular traffic. It is suitable for filling gaps from 15 mm up to 50 mm.

It is applied quickly and simply by pouring from a watering can, helping to keep installation costs to a minimum. The fully-compacted high strength joint can be left smooth; alternatively it can be brushed or tooled to create a more rustic effect.

Parex SettPoint provides the cost-effective answer for all types and size of scheme. Four standard colours are available and for larger projects special colours can be supplied to order.

Parex SettPoint has a low water requirement and the mix can be varied to provide a stiffer consistency for gradient work.



  • Quick to apply
  • Economical & Cost Effective 3 High Strength
  • Complete Joint Fill
  • Non-Shrink


Product Details/Classification

Parex SettPoint is a dry packed blend of Portland Cement to BS EN 197, finely graded silica sands to BS EN 13139 and specially selected additives to provide shrinkage compensation, promote flow and impart colour.

SettPoint exceeds the requirements of a Class 1 mortar as defined in BS 5628.

Specification Outline

Jointing of paving units shall be carried out using Parex SettPoint as manufactured by Parex Ltd. The product must be stored, handled and used strictly in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions.


Parex Limited has an integrated business management system. This is externally accredited by UK CARES to BS EN ISO 9001:2015, BS EN ISO 14001:2015, BS ISO 45001:2018 and BES 6001.

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